Gold & Hammes in the News

Jim Gold and Norma Hammes have been leaders in the bankruptcy community for over 30 years.
Some of their achievements include:

  • Beginning in the 1980s, they helped develop consumer-oriented case law locally, in California, the western United States (9th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals), and the U.S. Supreme Court including cases on judicial lien avoidance and car loan secured claims valuation
  • Norma testified before Congress (1998)
  • Both Jim and Norma testified before the National Bankruptcy Review Commission (1996-7)
  • Both Jim and Norma were co-founders of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys (NACBA) in 1992
  • Norma served as President of NACBA
  • Jim and Norma both served as Chair of the Chapter 13 Committee of the Santa Clara County Bar Association
  • Both have received numerous awards for service to the bankruptcy community in Santa Clara County and nationwide
  • Both have served as legal education panelists and moderators at numerous events across the country (including Washington DC, Texas, Florida, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Arizona, Nevada, South Carolina, California)

Jim and Norma have been quoted in news articles and referenced in reports over many years.

2017: NACBA. 25 Years of Raising Hell, the Education, Advocacy & Litigation That Shaped NACBA.

2016: The Bankruptcy Soap Box. Little Guys, Big Banks, And The Quest For Change

2015: California Senate Standing Committee on Judiciary. Hearing on SB 585

2011: Center for Public Integrity. Obama’s new plan for underwater mortgages may be too little too late

2011: CreditSlips. Principal Pay Down in Chapter 13 as a Means of Foreclosure Prevention

2010: NACTT. Academy Webinar (HAMP in Bankruptcy) announced

2010: Bay Area News Group. The Housing Bubble – The Next Michigan?

2009: Mortgage Professional America. A Time for Good Judgment

2009: NACBA Convention Keynote Speaker and recipient of Extraordinary Service Award (Norma)

2006: University of Texas – Austin, Continuing Legal Education.  Speaker at Consumer Bankruptcy Practice Convention

2006: ABI. A Year After BAPCPA 

2005: New York Times. Bracing for a bankruptcy rush

2003: Chicago Tribune. Equity borrowing begins to raise bankruptcy concerns

2001: San Francisco Chronicle. New bill to make bankruptcy filing harder than ever

2001: Businessweek. The bankruptcy business is booming

1998: Talk of the Nation (NPR). Bankruptcy bill update

1998: NACBA Praises Defeat of Credit Card Company-Sponsored Bankruptcy Bill

1998: U.S. House Judiciary Subcommittee on Commercial and Administrative Law. Testimony

1998: American Bankruptcy Institute (ABI) – National Bankruptcy Review Commission

1998: New York Times. A bankruptcy rush, Just in case

1997: ABI Consumer Bankruptcy Reform Forum in Alexandria, VA.

1997: The Augusta Chronicle. Pay off debt weighed

1996: Businessweek. Best moves if you’re broke