Scheduling an Appointment

To make an appointment with our attorneys please call our office at (408) 297-8750 Monday through Friday from 8:30 am – 5:00 pm.

When you call to schedule the free consultation, the secretary will ask you for some basic information about your problems in order to assist the attorney in preparing for your appointment. The more information we receive from you prior to your first appointment, the better we will be able to advise you.  Some of the questions you will be asked while scheduling your free appointment are:

  • What sources of income do you currently have?
  • Are you single, married, or divorced?
  • Do you own a home, rent/lease, or are you living with someone else for free?
  • Do you have credit card debts?
  • Are your wages being garnished?

If there is something that is causing you a lot of concern or is an immediate danger, please notify the secretary. There are some situations that may mean the filing process should be expedited. These are a few examples of urgent scenarios:

Generally, there are four appointment times each day (9:00am, 10:30am, 1:45pm, 3:30pm), though we may be able to alter the times slightly to accommodate your timing if necessary. On Friday, appointments are only available in the morning, except for absolute emergencies. Before calling to make an appointment, please think about whether mornings or afternoons are better for you or if there are specific days of the week that are easier.