What to Bring to Your Appointment

While scheduling the first appointment, the secretary will give you a list of documents to bring with you. Even if you know all about your finances, it is still important to bring as many papers as possible.  Because the analysis and preparation of a case is so detail oriented and complicated, it is important for our staff to have plenty of documentation. If you cannot find all of these papers, don’t be worried. Just bring in as much as you can find.

Below is a list of what you should bring with you to the appointment:

  • Recent bills, collections letters, mortgage statements, car loan/lease billing statements, and tax notices.
  • Any court papers (if someone is suing you or if you are suing someone else).
  • If your wages are being garnished, please try to get the garnishment order from your payroll office.
  • If you have a car loan, please try to bring in your purchase contract (if you can find it) and a recent billing statement.
  • As many of your paycheck stubs or evidence of income (like Social Security and pension benefits) as you can find.
  • Tax returns for the last year or two.