Your Second Appointment

1) If you have decided that you want to file a case, and you have all of the documents (billing statements, pay stubs, tax returns, etc), you can call our office and tell the secretary that you are calling to make a second appointment.

2) When you come in for your second appointment a secretary will greet you and let Jessica or Norma know you have arrived. Whoever you met with at the first appointment will most likely also see you for your second appointment.

3) At the second appointment, we will make copies of the documents you bring. We will also fill out a few more worksheets, which include making a list of your monthly expenses, and a list of your assets (including information about what kind of condition they are in). You do not need to make these lists ahead of time. You may, however, want to think about your monthly budget and check the mileage on your cars.

4)    At the end of the second appointment, if we have all the papers from you we need, we will schedule your signing appointment.