Your Signing Appointment

1) When you come in for your signing appointment, the secretary will set you up on the computer in our conference room where you will do the government-required credit counseling session. The credit counseling is not very difficult, and our secretaries are happy to help you with the computer.

2) When you finish the credit counseling session, we will explain the bankruptcy papers and give them to you to read through and sign. Please feel free to ask any questions.

3) When you have finished signing the paperwork we will talk to you briefly about what you can expect next.

4)    Either Jessica Begeman or Jim Gold will be at the Trustee meeting that is held about five to seven weeks after your signing appointment. Jim Gold will try to meet with you at the signing appointment, as well.

For more information about filing bankruptcy, including what happens after your case is filed, please visit:

The Bankruptcy Process