Hunger in the Silicon Valley

May 1, 2014 by

Hunger in the Silicon Valley

We frequently see people come to our office with so little income compared with their debt payments that they struggle to put food on the table. The cost of food is often much higher than people realize. When calculating monthly household expenses it is normal for a family to underestimate the cost of food by hundreds of dollars. Many people have a hard time imagining spending $700 on food in a month, but that equals $23.33 per day divided over three meals divided by the number of people in a household.

A family of four trying to survive on $700 per month would only be able to spend $1.94 per meal per person if they ate three meals a day. Reducing the meals per day down to two would only increase the meal cost to $2.92 per person.

Bankruptcy may be able to help lower a family’s expenses by eliminating or reducing debt payments, and thereby providing more money for basic necessities like food. At Gold & Hammes, we believe that it’s important for people who are suffering financially to transition in spending enough for food and clothing by reducing their overall debt.

There are programs available to help individuals and families struggling with hunger. You can learn more about the problem and programs that may be able to help you in this article from the San Jose Mercury News.

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