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House & Real Property

Learn about the California foreclosure process, loan modification programs, mortgage terms, and more.

Bankruptcy Protection

Learn about “automatic stay” protection and how it can prevent creditor harassment and seizure of your property.

Cars & Vehicles

Learn about the protection and payment options available for cars, motorcycles, trucks, boats, and more.

Discharging Taxes in Bankruptcy

Learn about the factors that determine whether taxes can be discharged in a bankruptcy.

Credit Cards

Learn about discharging credit card debt.

Medical Debt

Learn about medical debt (a leading cause of consumer bankruptcies) and how to discharge it.

Student Loans

Learn about the long history of the dischargeability of student loans and the ongoing legislative fight to allow student loans to be discharged in bankruptcy.

Regional Application

This information is only applicable to people who live in Santa Clara County, California, USA. In the USA, the bankruptcy law is a federal law that applies in all states. The property that can be protected (“exempted”) by people who file bankruptcy is prescribed by state law, however. Bankruptcy, property, and exemption law is further affected by court decisions that apply in certain geographic areas. If you live in the USA, but are outside of Santa Clara County, please consult an attorney in your own area.

General Information

The information contained in this web site is general in nature. Bankruptcy law is extremely complex and it is easy to misunderstand how a general description might or might not apply to you personally. In order to find out how this information applies to you personally, you will need to discuss it in detail with one of our attorneys.

Debt Relief Agency

Federal law states that attorneys who represent people in bankruptcy cases are “debt relief agencies.” Gold and Hammes represents people (and small businesses) in bankruptcy – in fact, that is the only type of law we practice. Therefore, Gold and Hammes is a debt relief agency.