House & Real Property

Land and buildings that you own; such as your home, your rental property, or the place where you operate your small business. Find out more about what can be done to protect your real property.

Foreclosure Timeline

Find out about the standard foreclosure process in California. Remember that being in an active bankruptcy could slow down or prevent a foreclosure from occurring. If you are concerned that your house or other real property may be foreclosed, see an attorney right away.

Examples of Foreclosure Notices

See sample copies of a Notice of Default and Notice of Sale, as used in California’s foreclosure procedure.  If you have received either a Notice of Default or a Notice of Sale, you are officially in foreclosure and are at risk of losing your property. You should see an attorney immediately!

Mortgage Math 101

Learn some of the basic mathematical concepts involved in mortgage loans.

Real Property Taxes

Find out more about real property taxes, including how to check online to see if your payments are past due. Real property taxes are based on the value of your real property. Learn how to find out Santa Clara County’s assessed value of your home. If the county is overvaluing your real property, you may be able to get your real property taxes lowered.

Mortgage Terms

The mortgage industry is very complicated and uses special words. While some of these terms are included in our website’s glossary or defined on individual pages, we have compiled a list of additional mortgage-related definitions to assist you. We suggest opening this page in another tab on your web browser for easy reference as you read mortgage-related articles.

National Mortgage Settlement – Attorneys General Settlement Modifications

In March 2012, 49 state Attorneys General reached a settlement with the five largest mortgage servicers in the United States. Learn more about the terms of the settlement, including how it affects bankruptcy debtors and homeowners facing foreclosure.

Stripping Wholly Unsecured Liens

Some junior mortgages can be stripped or wiped out (so that they no longer need to be paid by the homeowner) through bankruptcy. Gold & Hammes has wiped out about $15 million in junior mortgages. Learn more about the factors involved in whether a junior mortgage can be stripped.