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FM, Santa Clara

Relief—making the decision to accept that my only solution was to file bankruptcy gave me such relief. Having Norma on my team was so relieving—she is very skilled, has enormous experience and her staff was extremely comforting towards my situation. Relief, comfort, skill, experience = solutions!!!

RN, Sunnyvale

The sooner you seek out professional help the better. Gold and Hammes were non judgmental, patient guides through this difficult journey. The office staff has always been kind, helpful and efficient. Whenever I’ve called, it was a pleasant touch. A happy client.

PR, San Jose

Filing is one of the toughest things to do. But when you’ve tried all other roads it becomes a light at the end of the tunnel. When we had to file we were event having problems getting food on the table. But when you do file you have to commit to you and your family that you will follow all the things you learn about credit and its pitfalls. Learn what is really needed and what is a want. Two very important words. Listen to Norma & Jim—they helped us find our lifeline and to change forever the way we live our financial lives.

KW, Campbell

Jim and Norma are lawyers you can trust. They work hard and know what is best for you. They saved my home and my car from being repossessed when I fell behind on payment. Never had I imagined that my grandchildren would live in the home where my children grew up and lived.

TB, San Jose

Gold and Hammes are the greatest. The advice they gave us we could sleep at night. They took care of the problems we didn’t have to worry. My family all went to Gold and Hammes. We were so happy with them. I know if I have problems where to go.

JF, Santa Cruz

The economy crashed. Our business was struggling. We went to a family attorney who strung us along for 2 years because our case was over his head. In the meantime the stress was unbearable. All my assets were levied and about to be seized. My marriage and family were stressed and everything seemed to be falling apart. We were too big for a Chapter 11 & would lose our biz with a Chapter 7. G&H picked up our case and within a few months everything was better. Thank you Team G&H!

MI, San Jose

I felt there would be a stigma attached to me if I filed for bankruptcy and was very relieved once I did file. I focused on the fact that bankruptcy laws are there to PROTECT us when life & circumstances sometimes overwhelm us with hardship. Don’t feel bad. Honestly, you will feel better.

Regional Application

This information is only applicable to people who live in Santa Clara County, California, USA. In the USA, the bankruptcy law is a federal law that applies in all states. The property that can be protected (“exempted”) by people who file bankruptcy is prescribed by state law, however. Bankruptcy, property, and exemption law is further affected by court decisions that apply in certain geographic areas. If you live in the USA, but are outside of Santa Clara County, please consult an attorney in your own area.

General Information

The information contained in this web site is general in nature. Bankruptcy law is extremely complex and it is easy to misunderstand how a general description might or might not apply to you personally. In order to find out how this information applies to you personally, you will need to discuss it in detail with one of our attorneys.

Debt Relief Agency

Federal law states that attorneys who represent people in bankruptcy cases are “debt relief agencies.” Gold and Hammes represents people (and small businesses) in bankruptcy – in fact, that is the only type of law we practice. Therefore, Gold and Hammes is a debt relief agency.